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Voipping.com in English

Voipping.com is a site dedicated to the technology that is changing telecommunications around the world: VoIP.

It was not long ago, just a few years, that calling from Italy to the USA (landline) was possible only through one carrier, at hefthy fees: just for the call setup, the amount to be paid was roughly 40 Euro cents: today, with the same amount, it is easy to find carriers offering up to 30 minutes, not to speak about the various offers which for amounts as limited as 10 Euros allow for a few months of free landline calls up to 40 countries around the world, although with some (fair indeed) limitations.

Only a few years went by, but lots has changed.

Going the VoIP way was quite complex at the beginning, and it was an experience reserved to the most curious, willing to spend quite some time with installing and configuring software and as well willing to deal with poorer than POTS line quality, delays and echoes.

This soon changed, and nowadays, Grandma can exploit the benefits of VoIP without even knowing she's actually using it: the technology has become transparent, and VoIP is not anymore a technical word known by a few.

Voipping.com keeps up with the latests trends and news in the VoIP field from all around the world: projects, iniatiatives, curiosities and everything else that has to do with VoIP become part of the daily reports of our site, at disposal of our constantly growing number of readers.